Tally.ERP 9     
   eLearning Suite   
Laptop Repairing
Diploma in Advanced Networking
Microsoft Server + Linux/ Ubuntu Server + Novell Server
Fundamentals of Networking
  • Networking standard, Topologies, Protocols.
  • Data Transmittion, Switching techniques,
  • Peer to peer, Client-Server
  • OSI & DOD Model
  • Internetworking with TCP/IP,
  • Router principle, Subnet
  • IP Routing Basic and Router Configuration
  • Proxy Server, Troubleshooting Network
Windows Server Administration
  • 2008 Server Installation
  • ADS Administration
  • Managing Trees and Forests
  • Active directory Replication
  • Users and Group Account
  • Security in Windows Server
  • RAS, IIS, VPN & Proxy Server
  • DNS, WINS, DHCP Servers….
  • Troubleshooting

Linux / Ubuntu 11
  • System Administration
  • Managing Users and groups Accounts
  • Disk and File system management
  • Rights and security on the file system
  • Working with GNOME & KDE GUI
  • Interpretability with Windows
  • NFS, Configuration for a network
  • FTP, Apache and Samba server

Novell Netware Server
  • Installation of Novell Server
  • Novell Commands
  • Monitoring and Tuning Novell Server
  • Managing File system and Security
  • Administering NDS
  • NDS Security
  • Novell Server side commands

Students Feedback

    The correlation between the course & the job tasks I perform is high. I enjoyed learning at Excel Institute. I got perfect and right direction for my career from EXCEL.
    After completing networking I immediately got a job. Thanks to Excel Institute I’m riding high on this job.
  3. Nishtha Emmanuel
    Nishtha Emmanuel
    Quality training at so low fees ! I am quite happy to learn at EXCEL INSTITUTE.
  4. Shruti Patkar
    Shruti Patkar
    Whole training was so systematic, that I must thank C.K.Shah for such fantastic well managed Economic training.
  5. Seema Thukkar
    Seema Thukkar
    Good classes. Simple class, and their teachers. I am quite impressed at Excel Institute.
  6. Priti Gupta
    Priti Gupta
    The training and experience I got at Excel has 100% boosted my confidence and knowledge to work abroad as also in any big organization
  7. Satilal Chavan
    Satilal Chavan
    One Person –One computer . Only at excel institute at so low fees !! I am really happy to learn at Excel institute .
  8. Prachi Mhatre
    Prachi Mhatre
    Theory was also very interesting because theory lectures were just like group discussion . We understood all topics very smoothly.
  9. Neha Gatla
    Neha Gatla
    Very systematic class. I found that all teachers are taking of interestwhile teaching. Training is made verysimple but quite effective . I understood everything in computer.
  10. Mayuri Sukenkar
    Mayuri Sukenkar
    When I joined, I was in doubt whether I will get enough practicals ? But I have to say that I got more than expected practicals !! I got full practicals!
  11. Karuna
    The correlation between the course & the job tasks I perform is high. I enjoyed learning at Excel Computers
  12. Christy Joseeh
    Christy Joseeh
    Teaching was quiet interactive. Enough practicals were given. I am satisfied in theory as well as in practical

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